Black Breastfeeding Week Toolkit & Resources

The sections below are a preliminary topical guide to understanding the social landscape influencing breastfeeding trends among African-American families. It is sure to grow as we encounter and create other relevant resources. To make suggestions for the toolkit.

 Why Black Breastfeeding Matters

Cultural and institutional factors play a significant role in a mother’s decision and capacity to breastfeed. The resources below will provide you with background information to begin understanding the circumstances behind the racial disparities present in breastfeeding and the importance of breastfeeding in the Black Community, families, babies and Black women, in particular.

Breastfeeding rates for black US women increase, but lag overall: Continuing disparity raises concerns
U.S Hospitals Hinder Black Women’s Breastfeeding
Why do African-American women breastfeed less?
Economics Behind Racial Differences in Breastfeeding Rates:

Mothers and Families

Learn more about how to breastfeed, overcoming breastfeeding barriers, as well as establishing a social support system on your journey.

Your Guide to Breastfeeding for African-American Women
Breastfeeding and Everyday Life
It’s Only Natural, multimedia resources from the Office of Women’s Health

Communities and neighborhoods
Developing Your Breastfeeding Support System

Online and Social Media Advocacy

Connect to social media and see what Black mothers around the country are saying about breastfeeding.

Black Women Do Breastfeed Facebook community
Free to Breastfeed

Black Breastfeeding Resources
Pictures of Mothers Breastfeeding throughout the ages
Why all the Controversy about a Black Woman breastfeeding?
12 Real Life Photos of Black Mothers Breastfeeding, Regardless of What Statistics Say

Workplace and Businesses

Learn about your rights regarding maternity leave and breastfeeding and how to advocate for yourself in the workplace.

United States Department of Labor: Wage and Hour Division
Breastfeeding Often Avoided By Black Moms (Podcast)
Maternity Leave

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