8th Annual Lift Up Every Baby

Lift Up Every Baby (LUEB) is a celebration of health, wellness and breastfeeding promotion. The event targets birthing people, their partners and children, and extended support systems/families who have historically been impacted most significantly by racial inequities in health outcomes. The goals of LUEB is to (1) introduce socially and culturally relevant community role models (2) share community resources that can support birthing people and families, (3) reclaim health traditions through culturally relevant rituals and celebrations, and (4) celebrate Black family resiliency.


The event consists of 8 wellness and educational stations, a father’s circle, a children’s play area, lunch for all, Covid-19 vaccinations, local sponsors informational booths and a ceremony, lifting up every baby and celebrating!

Posted August 08, 2022 in: by Kiddada Green

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