Annual Human Milk Donor Drive 2023

With the high infant mortality rates among Black families, we know human milk is the best nutritional medicine to help families with infants in NICU.  The safest way to provide human milk to families facing these challenges is donor milk that has been safely screened and pasteurized.  It is the next best choice after mom’s own milk and before offering formula.  

We’ve celebrated Black Breastfeeding Week in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2015.  This year we’ve collaborated with other community organizations and programs to promote human milk.  We’ve offered the opportunity for the community to take part and donate any extra milk they may have.  We talk about the process of becoming a donor, aka ‘Milk Warrior’, and the process donated milk goes through as well as share the importance of the priority of who donated milk goes to and how to obtain it from Milk Banks.

Right now, our Las Vegas Depots has collected the most ounces than other depots partnered with San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank.  Our drives have collected over 1,700 oz in one previous event.  Our goal is always to provide more than before, which gives us great joy to know our volunteer efforts help vulnerable families across the nation.

Our event will have gift bags, raffle prizes & gift cards and refreshments for our attendees.  Our vendors will be presented opportunities to share how their program also supports the birthing community.

Thank you for creating such a pivotal week of celebration for our community!

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