Boobs In The Park

Boobs in the Park is a FREE, informal gathering in support of Black Breastfeeding Week. Not too many bells and whistles per our usual, large scale events. Just brown mamas, brown boobs and bonding in the park in solidarity of Black Breastfeeding Week. Established in 2012, Black Breastfeeding Week strives to shed light on black breastfeeding disparities, encourage breastfeeding,  visual representation and diversity in the lactation field, while highlighting the fact that black women DO in fact breastfeed, despite recent CDC data showing that 75% of white women have ever breastfed versus 58.9% of black women.  At Boobs In The Park we’ll celebrate the joy (and PAIN) of  breastfeeding, hear and learn from local (black) lactation consultants, share our breastfeeding journeys, while enjoying light fare.

Posted August 26, 2021 in: by Amber Oliver

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