Human Milk Donor Drive

We will be celebrating our opening as a donor milk depot here in Las Vegas with a donor milk drive!

This will be a community event and we will have yoga, prizes, & food!

We will have local birth workers, local non-profits @snv_breastfeeding_coalition and SNVHD @southernnevadahealthdistrict family planning will also have their mobile unit where they will be offering COVID vaccines, HPV vaccines, cervical cancer screenings, and oral contraceptives.

Vulnerable infants are in need. You can be a milk warrior and save lives. If you are breastfeeding, chest feeding or exclusively pumping and have extra milk you’d like to donate, pre-register today! We are able to hold your milk while you’re in the process of registering!
Call 1-877-375-6645 (For Spanish, select option 4)

For any questions please email us at

Posted August 25, 2021 in: by Amber Oliver

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