Remix EQ Live: Breastfeeding & Health Equity in the Black Community

This Remix EQ Live episode amplifies National #BlackBreastfeedingWeek with Dr. Kathy Anderson, Board Certified in General Pediatrics & Integrative Medicine at Nurturing Wellness Pediatrics, PLLC and Dr. Nandi A. Marshall, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Associate Professor at Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health; Georgia Southern University.

Together, we’ll build our knowledge of how to support breastfeeding & first foods and maternal & child health equity in the Black community. 

Along the way, they’ll describe their career pathways and how pediatric & integrative medicine and public & community health perspectives have informed their equity-driven work with babies, parents, and communities.

And of course, we’ll learn why they’ve chosen to make the world a more just place.

Join the Remix EQ Live experience where we drop knowledge and inspiration by asking questions, sharing examples, and connecting for change!

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