San Francisco Pop-Up Village

Monthly event that celebrates Black Parents, Latinx Parents, PI Parents, all parents with health booths, classes, free haircuts, food and music, public health information, WIC information, Legal Information and more.

This month we celebrate Black Breastfeeding Week with free Onesies with the BBW Logo, games and information on Breastfeeding, a Black Breastfeeding Week Educational Poster and flyers,  a Breastfeeding and Mental Health circle, aFather’s or Partner’s circle, a writing poetry about Black Breastfeeding Circle, the Mayor of San Francisco’s BBW Proclamation, Tama Brisbane, Poet Laureate of Stockton’s poem on Black Breastfeeding, an art show on Black Breastfeeding, and a photo booth.

Posted August 08, 2022 in: by Kiddada Green

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