You Deserve a Day of Rest

Having a day of rest for those who need it the most. The ones that hold up our communities. We are having a party/spa. Lush cosmetics is going to supply, DIY bath bombs, lotions, facial scrubs and gifts. We have two local health insurances that will be tabling and have also donated in sponsorship. We are going to start with prenatal yoga, have a sound bowl and healing session, have an on-site masseuse, henna artist, live music, Breastfeeding Photos, mocktails, and food. We want everybody to feel pampered. Which is so important prenatally and postpartum . Guest will  all have special gift bags at the end. Sherisa Moore, who is an IBCLC, and the only black IBCLC in upstate New York, will be supporting families with Breastfeeding questions.

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